To ensure the safety and integrity of those taking part in aquatic activities, the Minister responsible for Sport, Recreation and Outdoors, Isabelle Charest, has announced the official launch of a financial assistance program to enable partner organizations to offer free lifeguard and aquatic instructor training throughout Quebec. Organizations offering eligible aquatic training courses will be able to apply for financial assistance, enabling them to offer free courses to the public. Courses eligible for the program are published on Qué, and will be reviewed annually according to current rules and standards.

The purpose of the Financial Assistance Program for Free Lifeguard and Aquatic Instructor Training is to provide financial assistance for free lifeguard and aquatic instructor training in order to alleviate the shortage of aquatic manpower, improve safe access to swimming areas and increase the supply of swimming lessons.


terms and conditions

What's included in free training

  • Candidate training and examination fees
  • Costs of teaching materials (e.g. guides, workbooks)
  • What is not included in free training, but can be charged to candidates

Participant's personal equipment (pocket mask, whistle, clothing)

  • Travel and accommodation expenses
  • What is not included in free training and cannot be charged to candidates

Training fees dependant on the amount of subsidy allocated per course