Sauveteur, Sauveteur national, Société de sauvetage4 exciting and stimulating courses to become a lifeguard:


1 - Société de sauvetageBronze Medallion (from age 13, or even sooner)
2 - Croix de bronzeBronze Cross
3 - Premiers-soins - GénéralStandard First Aid/AED
4 - Sauveteur nationalNational Lifeguard – Pool

This is the typical process to become lifeguard. It is simple and recognized throughout Canada, sometimes even on the international level.

If you want an even quicker way to become a lifeguard, you can speed up the process by taking the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross combined course. You can also challenge the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross exams. These “shortcuts” reduce training time, but no matter which option you choose, you will acquire all the knowledge and skills you need to save lives.

Eager to become a lifeguard?
You can get your feet wet as soon as 8 years old by joining a lifesaving sport club, or by following one of these two courses:

There's even more!
Not only will these courses get you to enjoy a unique experience, they will also lead you to: