What’s a recertification?

According to a number of regulations, some awards are only recognized as work permits if they are recertified after a specific period of time.

A recertification is an examination that evaluates an award holder’s knowledge, skills and physical fitness. Its purpose is to ensure that award holders are still able to properly perform their duties without having to follow an entire training again. Participants must therefore be prepared accordingly.

The following first aid awards can be recertified:

  • Standard First Aid/AED*1
  • Aquatic Emergency Care/AED
  • Aquatic Emergency Care/AED Instructor*2

Any other lifesaving award must be updated by retaking the whole course, or by recertifying prerequisites. If you hold an instructor award, refer to your award’s complete description for all details regarding its validity and prerequisites.

*1 The Standard First Aid/AED recertification is exclusively intended for people who hold at least a Bronze Medallion award.

*2 If you are a Lifesaving Instructor and an Emergency Care/AED Instructor, yourEmergency Care/AED Instructor award is automatically recertified when you recertify your Lifesaving Instructor award.

Recertification process

To recertify your award, register with one of the Lifesaving Society’s numerous affiliate members. It is important to plan your award recertification two or three months ahead, since expiration dates can by no means be postponed, not even for a day.

If you recertify your award up to three months before it expires, the new expiration date will be based on the previous one instead of the recertification date. You have 12 months, following the due date, to recertify your awards without having to follow the training program anew.

First aid award validity:

  • Standard First Aid/AED: 3 years
  • Aquatic Emergency Care/AED: 2 years
  • Emergency Care/AED Instructor: 2 years
  • Emergency Care/AED - Early childhood: 3 years