Anaphylaxis Rescuers

You already own a CPR or equivalent award, and would like to be able to recognize allergic reactions and to quickly administer epinephrine with an auto-injector? This training, recognized by the Regulation respecting the professional activities that may be engaged in within the framework of pre-hospital emergency services and care, is just what you need!

Anaphylaxis Rescuers

You will learn, through various scenarios, to identify factors that trigger anaphylactic reactions, to recognize signs and symptoms of severe allergic reactions and to use the decision-making process to administer epinephrine. The course also focuses on the rescuer’s roles and responsibilities, theoretical concepts on anaphylaxis, auto-injector demonstrations and the intervention protocol.

Minimum time required

1.5 hours or 4 hours


  • To hold a current CPR/AED – C award or any other course that includes AED training
  • To hold a current Bronze Medallion (or higher levels) award

Award validity

3 years