Lifesaving sport is a comprehensive sport that allows athletes to develop four elements that are inherent to water rescue: judgment, fitness, skills and knowledge. These elements are assessed in competitions, which are divided into three distinct categories.

Lifesaving sport can be practiced at all competition levels. If you’re a lifeguard, the best way to start is undeniably to contact the nearest lifesaving club. You can then train with fellow athletes and participate in regional and provincial competitions, and in the summer league. 

After that, your progression can lead you to high level competitions, such as the provincial Championnats québécois de sauvetage, and the Canadian Lifesaving Championships. Ultimately, you could access world championships (Rescue or Commonwealth championships) by following a rigorous training with the National Team or the Development Team. 

Emergency response

In emergency response competitions, athletes are timed while they complete priority, water rescue and first aid events. Watch the following video to get a glimpse of these intense competitions!


Pool competitions include impressive race events where competitors must tow manikins, swim under obstacles, complete relays, and much more.


Surf competition events test the athletes’ physical fitness in long-distance races, sprints, rowing races and swim races.