Hire a lifeguard

PRACTICAL TIPS: Are you familiar with the required certifications for your facility lifeguards? Before recruiting, please take notice of the current regulations by following these links:

The Lifesaving Society offers three services to facilitate the recruitment of lifeguards and assistant-lifeguards.

Job postings on our Website

You can also post your offers on our Website’s Job Search section if you have created an account. If you are not a Lifesaving Society affiliate member, you will need an employer account, and if you are, you will need an affiliate member account.

Fees for posting a job offer on the Lifesaving Society Website

  • $51.50 (+ tax) for the first two weeks
  • $20.50 (+ tax) for each additional week

*Note that the first two weeks are free for Lifesaving Society affiliate members.

Once your job offer will be submitted, we will contact you for the payment. 



You can directly target candidates who have the desired profile by using our personalized email service. 

The Lifesaving Society will send your ad to all holders of a current National Lifeguard award who have agreed to receive job offers by email. You can choose your target by selecting the administrative regions in which your job posting will be sent.

You can enhance your ad with a photo and logo of your organization. Hyperlinks in the text of the email will also allow recipients to go directly to your website or send you an e-mail to apply.


  • Job postings by personalized email are sent every Friday.
  • A payment by credit card will be required, depending on your choice of the selected administrative regions in which you want your ad to appear.
  • The day before the sending, you will receive a test email allowing you to visualize your ad as it will be sent. The Lifesaving Society will reproduce your ad as you submit it. We advise you to ensure the content, which is your responsibility.
  • You will also receive the email at the same time that your targeted lifeguards.


To send your job offer by our personalized email service, fill out the FORM.

Job Newsletter

Post your offer in the Job Newsletter we send to all holders of current National Lifeguard (Pool, Waterfront, Surf or Waterpark) awards, qualified assistant-lifeguards and Aquatic Emergency Care award holders who authorized the Lifesaving Society to contact them by email. Our 2019 Job Newsletter will be sent on February 6 and on March 12.

I want to post a job offer in the Job Newsletter