Pool and Spa Operator

Given the multiplicity of contaminating sources, ensuring a pool’s water is clean, safe and stable can be a very demanding and difficult task. In order to help aquatic facility managers and operators maintain an irreproachable water quality, the Lifesaving Society has assembled the most solid team of trainers in the whole province.

opérateur piscine spa société de sauvetage

These experts offer the Lifesaving Society Pool and Spa Operator course, which allows you to:

  • identify the main water and air contaminants, as well as appropriate treatments;
  • save up on chemicals;
  • understand how a filtration system’s main components function;
  • review regulations and requirements regarding the exploitation of a swimming pool, wading pool, spa, waterpark, beach or water games;
  • participate in a discussion group to discuss and resolve issues faced by pool and spa operators;
  • meet the Quebec government’s Regulation respecting water quality in swimming pools and other artificial pools (Q-2, r. 39).

This course can be offered to specific groups on demand. For more information: flepine@sauvetage.qc.ca.

The Lifesaving Society also offers consulting services to assess the efficiency of your facilities’ water quality management, as well as occupational health and safety courses, such as the Aquatic WHIMS course.

This course is intended for

  • aquatic managers
  • aquatic facility operators

Time required

12 hours (2 days, including the exam)



Did you know?

Water clarity is essential to lifeguards; they need to be able to detect bathers underneath the surface at all times.