Learn to swim

The Lifesaving Society introduced its swim program in response to Affiliate requests for a low-cost and flexible learn-to-swim continuum that focused on basic swimming skills and strokes and that led seamlessly into the Canadian Swim Patrol program. Today, the Society’s Swim for Life program has grown into a major, national program that teaches hundreds of thousands of Canadians how to swim every year.

The latest program update (2015) reflects the experience of Affiliates and their instructors who deliver lessons to Swim for Life swimmers of all ages. Our thanks to all who provided input to make the swim program even better.




Never too young to learn. Never too old to start : Swim for Life® is a complete learn-to-swim program from Parent & Tot through to Leadership. Easy to program and easy to explain, Swim for Life leads seamlessly into the Society’s lifesaving training awards.

Focus on learning to swim : Program content is stroke and skill driven: entries and exits; surface support; underwater skills; Swim to Survive® skills; movement / swimming skills; fitness, and Water Smart® education. A fun program with achievable content is enjoyable for both participants and instructors.

Easy administration : One fee; no stats; staff and volunteer support during implementation and running of the swim program. One-stop shopping for affiliates, instructors, candidates, and parents.

Flexible delivery : Choose Swim for Life® modules based on your affiliate needs. Choose candidate recognition pieces (e.g., certificates, badges, seals) that are most appropriate for your clientele

Customization : We’ll add your logo to candidate certificates and progress reports.

Sponsorship opportunity : If you secure local sponsorship for Swim for Life, you can put sponsor logos or credits on progress reports and candidate recognition certificates.

Strong leadership training : Streamlined process for training to reduce barriers in employment. The Swim for Life Award Guide, Teaching Swim for Life, core plans, lesson plans and other resources enable instructors to teach effectively on the deck and ensure consistency in standards. Instructors recertify through our professional development credit card system.

Water Smart® education : Not only is Water Smart® education imbedded in the skills of the Swim for Life® program, but we provide Water Smart education materials electronically so you can deliver drowning prevention messages in a variety of formats. This means you can reach the whole family, and deliver appropriate information when it’s most relevant according to the time of the year and candidate experiences.

Once you decide to implement the Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life program, our team of experts will be happy to help make the transition as smooth as possible. We will assist you with a step-by-step plan that includes :

  • Choice of the type of programming
  • Hands-on refresher courses for staff
  • Setting deadlines for the transition
  • Support materials for instructors, managers and parents

Ready to start ? Contact us at alerte@sauvetage.qc.ca