Consulting services

Safety audits for aquatic facilities

Is your pool 100% safe? We can perform a systematic assessment of your facility, its policies and its procedures. We can also assess a specific aspect of the facility, such as the positioning of supervision areas, diving boards, the positioning of lifeguarding chairs, the management of the water quality, the installation of starting blocks, etc.

Inspection and accreditation

The inspection process validates an aquatic facility’s safety according to the established standards. Facilities that comply with basic safety guidelines obtain an accreditation.

Consulting services

As Canada’s lifeguarding leader, the Lifesaving Society can act as an expert in legal cases regarding aquatic safety management. We can also help our affiliate members interpret regulations and advise them.

Aquatic incidents

When an aquatic incident occurs, the Lifesaving Society offers its support and makes a follow-up with aquatic managers and operators as well as lifeguarding staff. The Lifesaving Society can review circumstances surrounding an incident and, if necessary, make recommendations regarding safety management in the aquatic facility.

Official positions

The Lifesaving Society has established official positions on various aquatic safety topics; they are intended for lifeguards as well as aquatic facility managers and operators. 

Consulting services for aquatic equipement and installation projects

Are you planning on making major renovations or installing new equipment such as a pool, a spa, water games or a multi-basin complex? We can advise you on how to ensure the safety of the premises, and analyze your future aquatic facility plans and projects to provide you with expert advice.

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