Water Quality

The Quebec government’s Regulation respecting water quality in swimming pools and other artificial pools stipulates that the person in charge of a pool must collect or have water samples collected for on-site analysis several times a day. It is therefore crucial to have all staff members trained so that they understand the results of the tests they perform, thus ensuring a good follow-up of the water quality. This course is mostly intended for lifeguards and provides them with all the tools they’ll need to analyze water in a thorough and reliable way.

Qualité de l'eau Société de sauvetage

Participants will:

  • learn the basics for performing water tests;
  • understand how pools and spas function;
  • identify the various water contaminants and know how to eliminate them;
  • learn to keep daily records indicating the most recent chlorine test results;
  • learn to define and meet pool hygiene requirements;
  • know how to use a basic practical approach in order to solve common problems regarding pool water quality, such as fecal and vomit incidents.

This course is intended for

  • Lifeguards
  • Anyone who must perform water tests or complete the registry.

Time required

4 hours



Did you know?

A $2500 fine can be issued to anyone who fails to sample water at the frequencies or on the conditions prescribed by the provincial regulation.