Lifesaving certificates requiring requalification every TWO (2) YEARS are as follows:

  • National Lifeguard - Pool
  • National Lifeguard - Beach
Other certificates requiring requalification every TWO (2) YEARS :
  • Bronze medal
  • Bronze cross


An expired National Lifeguard certification can be renewed at any time (3, 5, or even 20 years after its expiration date) to be valid again as a work permit.

Recertification process


Here are the steps to requalify : 


STEP #1 :

Train for skill and fitness assessment.

(You will find all the information for your preparation on the page ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, REQUAL!)



STEP #2 :

Review rescue protocols using the Canadian Lifesaving Manual, Canadian First Aid Manual and the Alert! : Aquatic supervision in action Manual.




STEP #3 :

 Register for a requalification exam* offered in one of the affiliated aquatic center.





If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want support in preparing for requalification, please do not hesitate to contact the Lifesaving Society directly. We will put you in touch with one of our Volunteer Mentors who will be happy to help you with this process.


* Note that it is important to plan your requalification two or three months before the expiry date of your patent, because the expiry dates cannot be postponed under any circumstances, not even by one day. 




failure #1 :

A candidate who has failed his requalification must obtain additional training with an instructor before presenting himself again for a requalification exam. 


failure #2  :

In the event of a second failure, the certificate will be revoked, as will all those whose prerequisite corresponds to the revoked certificate and the candidate will have to redo the entire training(s) in order to reobtain his certificate(s).


For more information about failure to requalify before carding expires, contact the Lifesaving Society at 

why requalify

According to the Regulation respecting safety in public baths some certificates are only recognized as work permits if they are requalified after a certain period of time.

A requalification is an examination in which the knowledge, skills and physical fitness of a certificate holder are evaluated. It ensures that the holder is always able to perform his duties correctly, without having to redo a complete training. Participants should therefore prepare accordingly.

All other rescue training certificates must be updated by redoing the complete training or requalifying the previous certificates.