For each loan, the borrower must send this completed LOAN FORM to the email address, at least two weeks before the equipment pick-up date. Please contact the Lifesaving Society to confirm the availability of the vehicle.

This contract will be signed by both parties at the time of the equipment loan.


  1. The borrower commits to assisting the sports lifesaving coordinator in the deployment and return of the equipment (i.e., assembling the equipment and storing it in the warehouse).
  2. The borrower commits to inspecting the equipment made available before leaving the Lifesaving Society.
  3. The borrower commits to returning the provided equipment on the agreed return date and time.
  4. The borrower commits to using the equipment exclusively for its intended activity.
  5. Any use of the equipment outside of approved activities will result in the cancellation of the current loan and will prevent any future loans to this borrower.
  6. In the event of theft, the borrower commits to immediately notifying the Lifesaving Society and to provide statements attesting to the event.
  7. In case of loss or damage, the borrower will reimburse the new value of the equipment (including taxes).
  8. In a case of non-return of the equipment resulting from the borrower's fault, they will reimburse the new value (including taxes).


The Lifesaving Society cannot be held responsible in case of illicit or fraudulent use of the borrowed equipment. As such, the borrower is required to comply with the current rules and practices.

Generally, the user must ensure to:

  • Not damage the equipment
  • Clean the equipment after use so that it is in the same condition as when borrowed.