Swim Patrol

This training program is intended for young boys and girls who are ready for more than just swimming lessons. It allows them to develop their leadership, self-confidence, judgement, team spirit and physical fitness, and to improve their swimming technique. The basic competencies they will acquire will be useful for achieving the Bronze level courses.

The Swim Patrol program has three learning levels: Rookie, Ranger and Star.

This course’s approach is focused on making efforts while having fun, and helps you develop your endurance and the efficiency of your swimming technique. You will learn, among other things, to perform a primary assessment of a conscious victim, to efficiently communicate with emergency medical services, to scan an aquatic facility and to throw a buoyant aid during an emergency situation.

By taking this course, you will not only improve your swimming technique, but will also learn to perform a primary assessment of an unconscious victim, to treat a victim in shock and a conscious victim who is suffocating, and to perform a non-contact rescue using a buoyant aid.

You can now refine your swimming technique and develop your lifesaving and first aid skills. By the end of this course, you will know how to rescue a weak swimmer and a non-swimmer, to treat a bone or joint injury, and to provide care to a victim who has trouble breathing because of an asthma attack or a severe allergic reaction.




  • 10 hours per level, in pool


  • To be able to swim without a buoyant aid
  • To be between 8 and 12 years old


  • There is no expiration date for this award