Since the return of the holidays, access to the offices of the Regroupement Loisir et Sport Québec (RSLQ) and the Lifesaving Society has been limited.

However, all Lifesaving Society staff continue to offer their services by telecommuting.

The Lifesaving Society will continue to process and update all exam files, but no certificate or certificate copy will be mailed.

The Lifesaving Society encourages all of its members that are applying on lifeguard jobs and need their proof of competency, to log on to their Dashboard (as a temporary measure: take a screenshot of your file and show it to your potential employer);

The Lifesaving Society asks for the cooperation of employers in the process of hiring lifeguards. Proof of competency will be forwarded to certified members when the Lifesaving Society and RLSQ operations resume.

It will be possible to contact the Lifesaving Society’s staff by email or by phone for any information, audit or training request. If you don’t have an employee’s contact information, the Lifesaving Society suggests that you e-mail so that your message can be forwarded to the right person.