Japan, here we come!

Three athletes from Quebec will fly to Japan this summer to participate in the Sanyo-Bussan Cup, a prestigious international lifesaving sport competition. Meet this talented trio and follow them on the journeys that lead them to this incredible experience!

Camille Gaudreault

I was part of the Collège de Maisonneuve’s Vickings swimming club when my coach, Nelson Giraldo, told me about surf lifesaving sport, explaining how it would help me stay in shape during the summer and be ready in fall for the beginning of the swimming season. As soon as I first tried it, I immediately fell in love with swimming in open water and using surf boats (surf skis and boards). Lifesaving initially was a way for me to stay active during the summer, but it quickly became a passion! What I see in this sport is hours of fun training with athletes who all challenge each other, and the opportunity to live thrilling experiences and use my competencies and performance skills during competitions. I get to outdo myself on a daily basis – every training session is a chance to give my best, and it makes me proud. Even when things get more difficult, once practice is over, I feel immensely satisfied with myself. Each training session pushes me out of my comfort zone and extends my boundaries. With lifesaving sport, I get to perform in solo, but also to contribute to the team’s accomplishments. It’s a complete sport that develops swimming and running skills as much as the skills required to use surf boats. It definitely is the sport that I enjoy practicing most!

I applied to the Sanyo Cup because I wanted to know what it was like to participate in an international competition with Canada’s representing team. This is an experience that will make me go beyond my own limits and become a fulfilled athlete in a sport I’m passionate about.”

Dominick Scott

“I started lifesaving sport when I was training to become a lifeguard, with the junior club Antoine Provost-Bazinet had just created in St-Hyacinthe. I first started with emergency response events, but quickly became interested in surf events, so I started training with the Club de Sauvetage Sea Devils in Montreal. Today, lifesaving sport is a true passion, especially in surf environments – it’s my specialty! Lifesaving sport makes me go above and beyond, and allows me to meet people from a truly awesome community. Taking part to training sessions and competitions is so much fun! I particularly like events that require using a surf-ski or a board, probably because that’s when I perform best. I am so excited to get the chance to go to Japan and compete against athletes from all over the globe. There’s no doubt it will be a one-of-a-kind experience that will be very profitable in terms of personal and athletic development.”

Laurie Dépault

“I was introduced to lifesaving sport by Catherine Richard; we were both in the same swimming club and she invited me to train with the Blue Rescue lifesaving club. I was part of the club for two years When I went to Hawaii last year to follow a National Lifeguard – Surf course, I met Marie-Hélène Paquette, who helped me go back to lifesaving sport and give my 100%. It’s a diversified sport that requires training in various disciplines and always being at the top of our game. It takes me through so many challenges that push me into always getting better, both physically and psychologically. This is why my favorite event is the oceanguard – it makes me go beyond my own boundaries and requires me to have a certain level ok skills in all lifesaving sport disciplines!

To me, being part of the Sanyo Cup Canadian delegation is a wonderful opportunity to evolve as a lifesaving sport athlete. I’ll have the chance to compete against athletes from so many different countries, and to be part of a team that gathers extremely talented athletes and coaches!”