Lifesaving Instructor, First Aid Instructor and National Lifeguard Recertification


As part of the new Leadership program, please note that the Lifesaving Instructor and First Aid Instructor* recertification will now only take place in person. The credit-based recertification system will therefore not be applicable starting January 1st, 2019.

New, in-person recertification will allow the Lifesaving Society to meet all instructors over every two year period. This process allows us to ensure the transmission of all latest updates and to standardize the content of trainings across the province.

There will be one recertification per award: one for the Lifesaving Instructor and one for the First Aid instructor. However, instructors holding two awards will be able to undergo a shorter, combined recertification.

National Lifeguard - Pool recertification 

The National Lifeguard - Pool recertification (4 h) will only be taugh in a pool.


 * First Aid Instructor is the new name of the Emergency Care Instructor award.