What you should know

  • Winners of the 2017 Annualawards

    The Lifesaving Society is pleased to announce the names of the 2017 Annual Award winners.

  • Join the Lifesaving Society’s team

    Every year, the Lifesaving Society achieves its mission by educating and raising public awareness of different issues related to aquatic environments.


    The Lifesaving Society’s Annual General Meeting will be held on April 27, in order to release the content of its Annual Report covering the previous year. This is also an opportunity for the directors of the corporation to present the highlights on our programs, activities and services, plus the financial statements.

  • March Job Newsletter
    The Lifesaving Society offers all lifeguards a Job Newsletter that aims to facilitate their job search.
    Meet All Tides, a specialty store where lifeguards will find absolutely all their gear: training suits, guarding suits and clothing, whistles, pocket masks, and more. In addition to clothing and gear featuring the Lifesaving Society logo, and those marked Lifeguard, All Tides also has a large selection of colourful and boldly printed swimwear.
    Who’s the most actively involved person you know in the lifesaving field?
  • Public relations agent
    The Lifesaving Society is looking for a passionate and dynamic public relations agent to complete its team. Under the supervision of the responsible coordinator, you will be asked to support the communications team in drowning prevention efforts. Working closely with the Splash Patrol, Perfect Swimming and NDPN, your role will include updating press lists, design press reviews and maintain regional press relations regarding the Lifesaving Society’s summer activities.
  • Prevention agent

    If you are passionate about aquatic security, the Lifesaving Society needs you! We are looking for a Prevention agent capable of analyzing layout plans for residential pools and supporting municipal inspectors applying residential pool security regulations. The Prevention agent will study residential pool layout plans submitted to the Lifesaving Society, and propose solutions to security and conformity problems as they stand with the current regulations. The Prevention Agent will also need to answer questions submitted via email or on the phone.

    Ever heard about the Splash Patrol? It’s a group of 6 facilitators divided into teams of 2, who drive across a specific region of the province to visit aquatic facilities and meet the aquatic managers, lifeguards and patrons. Each team discusses the managers’ needs and provides useful tools to ensure the facility’s safety, facilitates workshops and trainings with the lifeguards and organizes activities for the patrons.
  • You bring it. Wear it.

    Who better than a fish to remind us the importance of wearing a lifejacket?