Safer supervision for groups of children

The ministère de l’Éducation recently published a revised version of the Supervision of Aquatic Activities for Groups of Children guide, a document that was first produced in 2006. The 2016 version, developed in cooperation with the Association des camps du Québec, the Canadian Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society, offers updated content on how to make safer field trips in aquatic environments with groups of children by presenting all roles and responsibilities that must be assumed.

Knowing that drowning is still the number one cause of death by trauma for kids who are 0-12 years old makes this publication continuously highly relevant. The guide is intended for overnight camp, day camp, school field trip and daycare centre managers and attendants, as well as for parents, aquatic managers and lifeguards across the province. It presents all required measures to ensure children are, as much as possible, supervised in an optimal and safe manner.

The new guide is available for free on the Lifesaving Society Website in the “Supervision of Aquatic Activities for Groups of Children” section under “Services”.



Photo credits: Ville de Montréal – Éric Bolté