Following the announcement on October 5 by Mrs. Isabelle Charest, Minister of Sports and Recreation, additional measures for Sports are now implemented until October 28 in aquatic settings located in areas that have reached the maximum alert level (red zone).

The Lifesaving Society joins its aquatic partners (Natation Québec, Natation artistique Québec, Plongeon Québec, Triathlon Québec, Waterpolo Québec) in seeking the collaboration of affiliated clubs and members in the application of these new measures. Aquatic Federations are therefore requesting that group training AND competitions be suspended starting today until October 28, inclusively.

Beginning this Thursday, October 8, and until October 28, Lifesaving Sport Clubs in red zone areas will have to suspend their training sessions, which are considered an organized activity.


Regarding training courses in red zone areas, considering the Ministerial Order of June 6 advocating for the maintenance of training activities leading to the National Lifeguard – Pool Certification and despite the announcement by the Minister, Mrs. Isabelle Charest, to suspend recreational and sports activities, the Lifesaving Society remains involved with the authorities in order to have this ministerial order maintained.

Yesterday at noon, the Recreation and Sports Department of the Quebec Ministry of Education received confirmation from Public Health that:

  • Pools changing rooms can remain open with control of all entries and exits and limitation of the number of people present at the same time.
  • Training courses leading to a National Lifeguard Certification can be maintained. However, if some theoretical courses can be taught online or remotely, this should be prioritized.

In all cases, the 2-meter distancing rule should be respected and wearing a face cover is mandatory both in changing rooms and for the theoretical aspect of the training. For the practical part of the training, please refer to the COVID-19 Special Feature section in the SUMMER 2020 edition of our Alerte Magazine and to the Fiche sauveteur national – piscine en contexte de covid-19 for information on how to wear personal protective equipment in aquatic settings.

Aquatic Federations invite all patrons to check beforehand with their aquatic center regarding the availability of free swims, in order to maintain their aquatic fitness while awaiting for new guidelines.

The Lifesaving Society is working hard, in collaboration with its aquatic partners and government authorities, to put in place safety measures that will allow all Quebecers to enjoy water safely. We invite you to consult our COVID-19 section in order to follow the latest information and instructions for sports activities.