Lifesaving Society Canada is recruiting!

The Lifesaving Society Canada is seeking a highly motivated, dedicated volunteer to join the National Board of Directors in the position of Treasurer.

Resumes and expressions of interest should be forwarded to National Office at by November 27, 2020.

The nominations committee will contact interested applicants after this date regarding next steps in the process, which may include phone interview or requests for additional information.


If you have any questions regarding this osting please contact Rhonda Young-Pilon at or Bobby White at


Volunteer Job Description

Approved 20 March 2017, revised November 2020

Position Title: Treasurer



To provide financial oversight on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Member Representatives.


Key Responsibilities

1.Ensure that the following records are kept, processes are in place, and tasks are completed:

o Keep all receipts and expenditures of the Canadian Society;

o Prepare and deliver financial reports;

o Handle banking relationships

o Prepare and file charitable records

o File tax returns

o Prepare and deliver financial forecasts/estimates (By-Laws 8.4 a, b, c, d, e, f)

2. To present for approval with or without variation at each annual general meeting, or as otherwise determined, a budget for the annual operation of the Society.

3. Chair the budget and audit committee.

4. Liaise with provincial branches of the Society to provide overall financial analysis and risk management advice to the Society’s business.

5. Present the budget to the Member Representatives.

6. Monitor the financial activities of the society and reporting in accordance with applicable laws.

7. Follow generally accepted accounting principles in preparing or overseeing the preparation of the records and reports listed above.

8. Provide expertise and input on financial/strategic plans, procedures, and decisions that affect the long-term financial stability and sustainability of the Society.

9. Perform other such duties as may from time to time be determined by the Board of Directors. [By-Laws, 8.4]


Time Commitment

- Monthly financial review: 3 hours/month

- Quarterly BOD report: 2 hours/month

- Chair Finance and Audit Committee (meeting preparation and reports): 5 hours/month

- Board meetings: 5 hours/month

- Meetings with Staff: 6 hours/month

- Total: 21 hours/monthly


Elected to the Board of Directors at the Lifesaving Society Canada’s Annual General meeting for a term of two years. [7.6(b)], to a maximum of three consecutive two-year terms, or a total of six consecutive years [By-Laws, 7.6(d)].

Reporting Relationship: To the National Board.


Skill Set and Knowledge Areas:

1. Need to be an accountant with a current professional designation (CPA)

2. Familiar with not-for-profit charitable compliance requirements

3. Strong analytical skills

4. Clear communicator

5. Budget production analysis capabilities

6. At least three (3) years of related, largely non-profit experience