In 2019, the Lifesaving Society, along with its partners, conducted a strategic review of its financial management, which resulted in a new three-year price list for its programs, products, activities and services, effective in 2020.

The second phase of this price list has been published on our dashboard, with an overall average increase of 2.2% (where applicable) for the year 2021. We are well aware that many of you have been impacted in their current economic situation by COVID-19, and we share the same concerns. We know that you understand our reality and effort in ensuring the sustainability of our activities and we share yours as well.

Over the past few months, the Lifesaving Society has done a tremendous amount of work to provide free trainings, webinars, working papers, for our members and the aquatic community at large, in an effort to help adapt your work to the new COVID-19 context. The Lifesaving Society has been an important pillar in the decision-making process of new standards with Public Health and the CNESST, and we continue to advocate for this. Please be assured of our commitment to maintain, above all, a high level of quality and accessibility for our programs, products, activities and services.

It is all together that we will get through this. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are uncertain about the current situation.