Discover the Swim Patrol new Progress Report Booklet!

The new Progress Report Booklet for the Swim Patrol program has been in circulation since few weeks. The aquatic supervisors and instructors will appreciate this new version which is now in resistant cardboard foldable in three parts.

It contains details about the Swim Patrol’s three levels of training, including a checkbox to mark for each item successfully performed in order to be qualified as Rookie, Ranger and Star. The young Swim Patrol learners moving from an aquatic facility to another one will have the opportunity to bring their booklet and go on through the program. For each level completed, they will receive 3 stickers (success for each set of competencies) and one badge (level success) to put in their booklet.

The cost of material for 10 candidates (kit of 10 booklets, 10 badges and 30 stickers) is still the same but it is now possible to buy each of these items separately and individually, according to your needs.

For more information or to order your new Progress Report Booklets, please contact the Lifesaving Society at 514 252-3100.