Highlights of the new Leadership program

The new Leadership program takes a fresh approach based on competencies. This new program affects the training for the following awards:

  • Lifesaving Instructor
  • Emergency First Aid Instructor
  • National Lifeguard Instructor (Pool, Waterfront, Surf and Waterpark)
  • Trainer
  • National Trainer

In short, the Leadership program is:

  • A program based on competencies;
  • A continuous evaluation of the 13 competencies;
  • A grand total of 8 new guides and manuals;
  • Trainings which don’t rely as much of succeeding microteachings but rather on apprenticeships;
  • Standardized lesson plans available for Bronze medals and Swim Patrol, which means Lifesaving instructors will no longer have to make their own lesson plans. 

This new program does not affect Bronze medallion, Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid and National Lifeguard trainings.

For more information, download the New Leadership Program document. (Nouveau programme Leadership in French only)

Programme leadership, Société de sauvetage, Moniteur en sauvetage

Instructors and affiliate members can access the extranet to view the recording of the webinar presented during the breakfast-conferences.


For now, no new instructor training can be taught. The majority of Instructor Trainers have participated to the update workshop. Once the new guides are available, the new Lifesaving Instructor training can be taught in facilities across Quebec. Follow this newsletter to know the date at which you can start teaching the new program.

January 1st, 2019, is the date to remember. It is the date at which it will be mandatory for all to teach the new program. 

Planning your new sessions

Even though we still need to put the finishing touches on the manuals and the recertification content before they are made available, we can give you the total length of the Lifesaving Instructor training so that you can plan your sessions for 2019.

Lifesaving Instructor: 28 hours (about 50% of the time is spent in-pool)