Bronze Medallion

The Bronze Medallion introduces the four basic components of lifesaving: judgement, knowledge, skills and physical fitness. You will learn defense, release, tow and carry techniques to be prepared to save conscious and unconscious victims in situations that are increasingly risky. You will also improve your swimming technique and endurance. The holder of a Bronze Medallion award is entitled to work as assistant-lifeguard in a pool (15 years old and older).

 Bonze Medallion - Lifesaving Society

Minimum time required

20 hours, in pool (excluding final evaluation)


  • To be at least 13 years old at the final evaluation, or to hold the Bronze Star award
  • To demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for the Canadian Red Cross Junior 10 level

Award validity

  • Valid for 2 years if used as work permit
  • No expiration date if used to register to the Bronze Cross award

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