Wearing of uniform, jewellery and others accessories

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Considering the fact that a safety supervisor should be alert and ready to rescue a victim, at all time when he is on duty:

People responsible for pools and affiliate members must establish rules regarding  safety supervisors’ uniforms which take into consideration hazards related to carrying out rescues or to their specific duties.

  1. Keep in mind that a safety supervisor must be clearly identified in order to be easily and quickly located by the public when he is on duty.  He will then be easily identified in case of an emergency or when in need of assistance.
  2. The safety supervisor’s uniform must allow him to easily and quickly intervene in the water and should not constitute a hazard for the victim or himself.
  3. The uniform of staff members working outside must protect them from dangers related to sun exposure

The Lifesaving Society wishes to advise lifeguards in the province of Québec about hazards related to wearing some jewellery and accessories while performing a rescue:

  1. Even if hazards and consequences considered are low, we recommend that  safety supervisors on duty make sure that there is no possible source of injury to themselves caused by jewellery such as piercings and earrings with rings, pendants or any other jewellery that could be gripped by a victim while performing a rescue.
  2. Communication and lifesaving equipment should not be a source of hazards for the victim and the lifeguard.  For example, we recommend that safety supervisors do not wear a whistle with a lanyard around the neck.