Mass media interview

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The Lifesaving Society wishes to advise lifeguards in the province of Quebec of the following guidelines that must be respected concerning relations with mass media.

  1. The employer (pool operator, Municipality, etc.) has the responsibility to establish who will be given the interview. The lifeguard should direct the media to the already designated resource person or contact her directly to transmit the interview request.
  2. When the employer gives permission to a lifeguard to be interviewed, it is preferable that this person is the head lifeguard or if should this happen, the lifeguard who has the most experience.
  3. The lifeguard must free himself from his lifeguarding duty and be replaced by a lifeguard who was not on duty.
  4. The lifeguard should not be sitting in a lifeguarding chair during the interview.  He may be shown in a lifeguarding chair only for a visual shot representing pool supervision and he should not talk with the media representative from there.
  5. The lifeguard must express himself clearly and with professionalism during the interview.
  6. The lifeguard should absolutely not comment on a specific situation. It is better to take up the subject with documented known facts.  For example, give a reminder of security rules, mention Lifesaving Society statistics and recommendations or another renowned organisation (Coroner’s Office or others).
  7. If there is a simulated victim rescue the mention of « simulation » has to appear on the television shot or in a subtitle under photo (written media).
  8. Lifeguards who are not participating to the interview must pay no attention to the media and perform their duties as usual.  Bather’s security remains your priority.
  9. When there is an interview request, in addition with the employer’s service or if there is no such service, please advise the Lifesaving Society’s communications department at 514 252-3100 extension 3726 or 1 800 265-3093 extension 3726. We will be able to offer you advice and transmit information to you concerning the interview.