Derogation Request

A derogation is an exceptional and temporary measure that lets a member derogate to a precise rule and propose equivalent measures that will assure the quality and the security of the programs.

The Lifesaving Society receives and analyses the different requests. Following the analysis by the division, the applicant will be informed of the acceptation or refusal of the request. 

When should we complete the derogation request?
The present form must be completed and sent in a reasonable delay before the beginning of a training or as soon as a problematic occurs.

When will we receive a response to our request?
A response to the derogation request will be transmitted by email to the applicant. The Lifesaving Society agrees to analyse the derogation request within 10 business days.

In the case where the derogation request is denied, the applicant will have the obligation, for quality and security reasons, to respect the requirements set by the Lifesaving Society’s Program Guide. If the requirements mentioned in the Program Guide are not respected, the Lifesaving Society will not issue any certification.

For all derogation request, a note will be added to the Lifesaving Society member’s database.

For all questions relative to the derogation request, contact us by email or by telephone at 514-252-3100.