Bronze Cross

If you’re seeking a more advanced training and want to know the basic notions of aquatic facility supervision, you need a Bronze Cross award. You will also learn to rescue a spinal-injured victim in the deep part of the pool and a submerged victim in cardiopulmonary arrest. The holder of a Bronze Cross award is entitled to work as assistant-lifeguard in a pool (15 years old and older) and on a beach (16 years old and older).

Bronze Cross, Lifesaving Society 

Minimum time recommended

20 hours, in pool (excluding final evaluation)


 To hold the Bronze Medallion award

Award validity

  • Valid for 2 years if used as work permit
  • No expiration date if used to register to a Distinction or National Lifeguard award
  • Valid for 2 years if used to register to the Lifesaving Instructor course