The Lifesaving Society will soon select nominations for our annual awards, which are presented to people who have made an outstanding contribution to the lifesaving field in 2019. You can submit as many nominations as you want; all you have to do is complete the form for each person you would like to nominate. You have until March 27, 2020 to submit nominations in these three categories:

Lifeguard of the year – Jean-Pierre Hamel Award

To be eligible, lifeguards must:

  • hold a Lifesaving Society award; 
  • contribute to the promotion of the Society’s programs and to the achievement of its objectives; 
  • be involved in lifesaving sport development at the regional and provincial levels; 
  • demonstrate leadership regarding water-related trauma prevention; 
  • be recognized for the quality of their intervention in a lifeguarding or lifesaving context. 

Instructor of the year – Jean-François Hamel Award

To be eligible, instructors must:

  • be recognized for the quality of their teaching; 
  • understand and meet the Canadian Lifesaving Program standards; 
  • ensure a positive image of the Society and the transmission of its values among candidates; 
  • ensure a sound administrative management of courses; 
  • offer a number of courses throughout the year. 

Volunteer of the year – Jean-Marc Blais Award

To be eligible, volunteers must:

  • contribute to the promotion of the Society’s objectives; 
  • be available; 
  • be deeply involved in the Society’s activities. 

Affiliate member of the year - Pierre Gagnon Award

Eligible affiliate members must:

  • Be involved in the promotion of the Lifesaving Society’s programs and activities;
  • Set an example for the quality of administrative management of joint fileswith the Lifesaving Society;
  • Be recognized for the quality and quantity of courses offered;
  • Demonstrate availability of their facilities during the Lifesaving Society’s activities and events.


The Lifesaving Society will also present awards in the four following categories: 

  • Technical advisor of the year – Karl Malenfant Award
  • Administrator of the year – Alphonse Montminy Award
  • Evaluator of the year – Yvan Larouche Award


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